For the past 30 years, Teale Street Sculpture Studio has been home to many artists producing figurative and abstract work in the Los Angeles area.

Our instructors teach the fundamentals of traditional figure sculpture—anatomy, proportion, and structure. We also instruct for abstract and any other forms you choose. We have beginner to advanced classes Monday through Saturday in clay sculpture, stone carving, mixed media, along with drawing, and specialized seminars. We are flexible, we are unique, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

What We Offer

If you have a project you want to commission, let us match your project’s needs with one of our artists. Or if you have a commission you have been awarded, we can help you bring it to fruition. We also rent with 24/7 access, private artist’s studios, or lockers and use of communal workspaces and equipment. If you choose, do what many of our members do, work out of the studio and take classes. At Teale Street, you will find many options under the same roof. Here are some of the popular classes we offer:


Beginner or advanced, figurative or stylized, large or small, with or without an armature. This class will help you create a sculpture from your imagination, drawing, or photo. Our instructors, George and Alejandro will guide you through every step with their own special brand of creativity, using either water or oil-based clay.


We have an excellent facility for Stone Carving, with or without instruction.  Introductory Instruction is given on the fundamentals of 3D design while imparting techniques of hand carving, using traditional stone carving chisels, hammers and riffles. Intermediate students are taught the safe manner to use power tools such as pneumatic hammers and chisels, electric grinders and diamond saws.  Advance students are helped with technical advice and design critique, as well as being challenged to explore many design possibilities.


We offer Live Model sculpting class on Mondays. Alejandro will teach you to build your armature and then sculpt the body, torso or head of our model. The next Series begins Monday November 6th. E-mail the studio for details.


This Saturday morning class is designed to tickle your kids’ imagination and introduce them to the wonderful world of art through clay, paint and pencil.  All skill levels are welcome in this fun four-hour class.

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Currently At The Studio

  • **NEW** LIVE MODEL MONDAYS. Learn to sculpt the human figure from the Live model. Email us for details.
  • ***STUDIO FOR RENT*** Secure, private artist’s studio available. Email us for details
  • Contact Us For More Information Or give us a call at (310) 397-2697